I’m not even sure if this post is going to make it out there to you guys. I’m using a new connection to my blog on WordPress from Contribute for the very first time. In light of that, I’ll keep my thoughts short in case they are lost for all eternity.

I started the day as any other lately today, with links and breakfast. Links, you might say… Well this is a marketing blog after all and you might not have had to go too far to assume that I was talking about my favorite subject lately.. SEO

I don’t know if anyone out there is using Apex software or SEO Powersuite, but the boost that my link building strategy has taken recently is certainly pointing me in another direction. The level of research that can be automated with these tools makes me wonder how anyone ever makes it in this swimmy seo world without it. Just an observation.. These tools have been easy to use, straightforward and highly useful.

Breakfast consisted of a plumb… loosing weight is so much fun.


Unless you have been out to lunch for a while, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the micro blogging site Twitter.com. The new style of networking for todays incredibly well connected but fragmented whole of social media. The question on every marketeers lips? .. What will I say?

eliteprivatejetIt’s a fair question; and the only one logical, considering the fact that you’ve already answered the little question: Is Twitter worth anything to my business? Do you know the name as well as you know the Walmart name? If you answered yes; then you know that getting a piece of that could buy you some serious toys. Game on?

Dell made in excess of a million dollars last year. Perhaps you aren’t Dell, but shouldn’t you own your brand in any place that people can search and interact?

Step 2: Think about what you want to say. Knowing the difference between broadcasting and Engaging is important. Your audience must be participating. Questions to ask yourself: What will most of my audience have in common with me? May want to tweet about that, right? .. What are the people in my target audience searching for to find me? The most valuable tool in creating your presence is to calculatingly, and methodically sift through every scenario in where your customers acquire your contact information.

Once you have a few good 140 character quips, give it a shot. If you update twice a week, you’ll be doing more than 70% of your competition. Users used to, and still do, judge a business by it’s site, but also it’s facebook, myspace, twitter and linkedin. But how crazy you go on it is really up to you. At some point this really does become a logical entry point for a marketing department. But you can sure give it a boost by getting started! So go!!… If you haven’t. And come back here to tell the tale as well.

Happy Tweeting!

Are you falling into the time vrs. result shortfalls of standard social media marketing? If you think that your results are hardly worth the effort… you might be right.Then again, perhaps you just need to re-think the global landscape. Maybe you’re not really thinking about the leverage social media can give you on a large scale.

What is the value of twitter vrs. facebook? Can you put a price tag on your followers? Hopefully you have some kind of position on these two things. But if you are like most, you surely fall either on the “I love it and I can’t live without it” or the “I don’t see the point” side of things. I know this, because when you begin to understand how social media and one to many communication work… and you’re a marketeer… you become quite excited… even if (like me) previously, you were completely uninvolved and uninterested.

The value to you in social media will directly be related to your ability to add value for your users. Think about what your value proposition is before creating your message. When you go to execute and deliver your message, be sure that the value proposition and call to action make sense in context and are compelling. There is nothing worse than miss-communication and confusion. Avoid confusing your audience at every cost. Be clear with your message and  pick a direction!

Set up repetitive tasks to auto-execute with automatic replies and auto-follows on Twitter. Once you start getting 50-100 a day it will save your life. You can also use most of the software that is out there for this to manage multiple accounts and make posting schedules with pre-created messages. Way cool!

If you aren’t a graphic designer… find one please. Make your space or profile custom and create a strong visual identity. This means changing the background, icon, links, about me content ect. Very important stuff. Don’t be cheap with the details! This is a great chance to raise yourself above maybe 60% of the competition!

Make a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Write it down, set benchmarks and dedicate yourself to success. It’s the only way to make this work. And one more thing. You had either better love your brand and be extremely knowledgeable about it’s entire universe or have access to a great data stream.. The devil is in the details!

Now let the flurry of custom link tracking, targeting message sculpting, tweeting and poking begin! Enjoy your foray into the world of social media marketing.. It’s still supposed to be fun!